The Perfect Price Prescription
Handmade Pricing Made Easy

Are you ready to earn profits instead of pennies?

The Perfect Price Prescription will give you all the tools you need to price your handmade products with confidence & make money on your creations. The formulas and guidance in this workshop will take all the guesswork our of the "right price".

Are you tired of selling your products only to find that you don't seem to be making any real money in your business?

Do you worry every time you assign a price that you're not charging enough? Or that you're charging too much?

Wouldn't it be great to know that you aren't leaving money on the table because you are pricing too low? (Or too high?)

I want you to spend more time in your business 'making the thing' and less time stressing about whether or not your pricing is on point. That's why I created The Perfect Price Prescription.

Inside The Perfect Price Prescription you'll not only receive the prescription (pricing formula) but the dosage instructions! Most Makers and Artists think traditional formulas don't apply to them, but it's because they are using them incorrectly!

I'm also giving you the prescription pad (pricing calculators) so you'll never run out of refills 😉.

Imagine what it would be like to write out a price tag without a second thought because you KNOW the value of your product, and understand the reasons it is worth every penny you are charging. It is possible to never doubt your prices again, so that you can put more energy into creating your handmade products and getting them out into the world!

It's not a pipe dream! The Perfect Price Prescription makes is possible!

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My name is Danielle Kaminski. I’m a jewelry designer, candle maker, artist and owner of the most unique artisan collective on the east coast. I’ve been selling my handmade products for more than a decade now. 

When I first started selling I had no idea how to price my products and it took years for me to gain confidence when it came to putting a price on my pieces. When talking with new makers the questions I am asked most often is, “how do I know if my prices are good?”

I don’t want it to take years for your business to gain traction. I want you to have confidence when assigning a price to your products so that you can build profits and move your business forward. That’s why I put together this workshop and gathered these systems that I use in my own business. 
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Video Training

$227 Value

Avoid the top three mistakes that most handmade business owners make when pricing their products & learn why the Perfect Price Prescription is the cure for Imposter Syndrome.

Training Guide

$27 Value

A PDF training guide that includes the exact formula I use to price my products.

Pricing Calculators

$47 Value

In addition to a printable worksheet that you can complete for each new product you create, there is also a fillable spreadsheet that will actually do the math for you!


Product Specification Sheets & Component Library 


$57 Value

Of course I know that math is never a favorite activity of creatives, so I'm including some Google Templates to store your calculations. This way you can look things up easily and stop wasting time recreating your work!

Total Value of $358

More Sales do NOT equal more money if you aren't pricing for profits!


If I'm not selling my products now, how will I sell more if I increase the price?

If you aren't valuing your product correctly your customers won't either. The correct price will actually make your product more appealing! I'll even tell you how to go about raising your prices so that you make your entire business more appealing to customers!

I know my pricing is a little low, but is means that I sell a lot more, so it's worth it in the end, right?

Wrong! If you are selling your products at a price point that is too low, then you definitely need this workshop! More sales do no equal more money if you aren't pricing for profits. In fact, I see more handmade businesses close from burn out because of this exact scenario.

I'm just getting started with my business, shouldn't I see if anyone even wants to buy it before I worry about the right price?

Here's the thing. You can't really know how your product will perform in the world without the right pricing. In fact, if you start out with the wrong pricing you may very well find yourself a year or two into your endeavor before you realize that you've been losing money the entire time! So it is critical to get your pricing right from the beginning, so you don't leave money on the table (like I did!).

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That's it! Then just login and access the training!


Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are available. However I am confident that if you use this training to price your products you will be completely satisfied!

Only $37

Imagine what it would be like if you had absolute confidence in your pricing.


What if you were actually making profits with every sale, paying yourself every week, and never waiting for the 'next sale' to actually make money with your handmade business?

Only $37


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